Ponsah Fanap (Dadi) was born in Adamawa state, North East Nigeria. He and his father moved to the Jos
Plateau in 1996 and later joined by his mother and his brother in 1997.
He had all of his education in Jos.
He enjoys deep philosophical, political and any conversation that has do with how humans organize
society. Until humans deconstructs fallacies and myths about themselves, they will be limited in making
their society enjoyable to live.
He believes that the rich and deep potentials of women is not utilize and that is why society needs to be
blind about gender and open the space for women and youth to contribute in building society.
He encourage young people to use their three Ts: time, talent and treasure to build society.
He also considers himself as an apostle in the advocacy for climate change.
He loves taking long walks, watching sunsets and most importantly watching the first light at dawn lit
the beautiful of Jos.

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